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Finding the right words to put on your website can be challenging for the best of us. Whilst you are the person that knows your business best, sometimes it can be hard to talk about yourself. That's where we come in...

Good web content connects with your reader on many levels and is interesting to read. It isn't just a list of products and services that you sell, it's a conversation with your visitor about what their problem is and how you can solve it for them. In language that they connect with, and can understand.

The problem with websites, is that unlike printed matter there is no set order for users to read things in. They can become unpredictable and quickly distracted or bored, clicking away in an instant. So you can't write like you would with printed matter, you have to provide short simple lures to keep their attention.

Then there is the added complication of the search engines, and search engine optimisation (SEO), how do you hit that optimum keyword density of 8-10% without making your text verbose and clunky?

At Al et Al Website Design we can work with you to create effective copy on every page of your website. Ensuring that they are informative, persuasive and search engine optimised whilst still reading naturally!

Prices start from £1,100 for 10 pages.

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